Talks & Posters

GEOBON — 2023 (Poster)

Poster for the GEO BON conference in Montreal, Canada 2023. 

GEOBON Poster.pdf

SOTM — 2023 (Poster)

Poster for Species On The Move 2023 in Bonita Springs, Florida. 


QCBS — 2021 (Poster)

Back in Montreal for my PhD, I decided to attend the annual QCBS symposium to present my recently polished MSc work on tree range expansion, belowghround microorganisms and novel community assembly! 

Isaac's QCBS 2021 Poster.pdf

ESA — 2020 (Talk)

I was lucky enough to give a talk at the Ecological Society of America's annual meeting this year (2020). I decided to focus this talk on the spatial aspect of my research! Check it out below!


Sustainability Across Disciplines — 2020 (Talk)

I was nominated to give a presentation at a public based symposium hosted at Concordia University. The goal was to communicate the science (within the realm of sustainability) happening at the university to the public. As a result I tried to frame my project in more general terms, making sure to always come back to the real world importance of work like this. Let me know what you think?!