Leadership & Outreach

Facilitating inclusion through mentorship:

  • I coordinate the STEMM Diversity mentorship program at McGill, which aims to break down barriers that impede undergraduate and graduate students in underrepresented groups in STEMM fields.

  • The mentorship program pairs undergrads with graduate students to facilitate inclusion by exposing students to the possibilities of graduate school and a potential career in academic research.

  • Mentors meet with students to talk about what grad school is like and assist students in obtaining research experience, lab position, scholarships, and funding.

  • Since I began coordinating, we have expanded from just the Dept. of Biology to over 6 departments in the Faculty of Science.

Enabling collaboration and exposure:

  • As the Quebec Centre for Biodiversity Science (QCBS) representative at McGill University, I help expose McGill students to the activities and opportunities of the QCBS.

  • This includes organizing meetings, annual symposiums, workshops, intensive courses, etc.

Working with faculty to promote EDI:

  • I am an active member of McGill Biology’s EDI Committee whose mission is to increase equity, diversity, and inclusivity within the department of biology.

  • My work with the committee involves reducing barriers to undergraduate involvement in research at the university. To do this we host panel discussion and question sessions for interested undergrads and produce documents meant to inform and aid involvement in undergraduate research at McGill.