CV in Photos

Montreal 2021

I moved back to Montreal in September 2021 to start a PhD in Dr. Laura Pollock's lab at McGill University. Stay tuned for more details on the project!

Vancouver 2021

After finishing my MSc at Concordia, I moved to beautiful Vancouver BC, where I worked on publishing my thesis, securing a PhD position at McGill University, and freelancing as a data analyst/graphic designer for local organizations.

Montreal 2020

After returning from my field season in Argentina I got to work analyzing my data and writing my thesis. Deciding to focus on the impact of range-expansion/invasion on biodiversity change, I dove deep into multivariate statistics, null models, DNA barcoding and data vis.

Argentina 2019

I organized and co-led a 3 month field season studying the impacts of invasive pine spread on plant-fungi interactions in alpine Patagonia, Argentina. Field work entailed 1.5 months of backcountry camping atop Cerro Piltriquitron, a mountain just east of El Bolson, Rio Negro.

New Zealand 2018

I helped researchers at the Cawthron Institute in Nelson, NZ, quantify the affect of invasive fanworm establishment on biodiversity in soft sediment marine communities. Despite only staying for 3 months, I met some incredible people who inspired me and continue to fuel my scientific curiosities from a continent away! Check out the publication that illustrates my research here!

Montreal 2017

After finishing my undergraduate at McGill, I was able to publish my thesis in Dr. Cristescu's bioinformatics lab as first author! This experience, as well as the incredible opportunities to engage and interact with biology throughout my degree really inspired me to pursue a MSc! Check it out here!

Redpath Museum 2017

Briefly for the summer of 2017 I worked to develop McGill Redpath Museum digital collections to fuel new online and virtual exhibits. I got to interact with a lot of their collections, highlighting the incredible diversity in artefacts at Redpath. You can see more of the digital collections here!

Sask + Alberta 2017

I had the incredible opportunity to participate in paleontological field work with Dr. Larsson in McGill's Redpath Museum during the summer of 2017. For just over a month, we toured around southern Sasketchewan and Alberta, conducting fieldwork, and essentially living my childhood dream of digging up dinosaurs!

Sweden 2016

I spent 2 months on Sweden's west coast identifying marine invertebrates at Uppsala's Klubban Biological Field Station. Still not an expert in polychaetes but im getting there...

China 2016

I had the incredible opportunity and privilege to study rainforest disturbance and biodiversity in the rainforests of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, China. Specifically, I looked at the impact of light disturbance (canopy openings) have on leaf complexity of understory vegetation. Made some incredible friends, both human and red panda!

Ontario 2015

Spent some of the summer of 2015 canoeing around lakes and watersheds in southern Ontario searching for Decodon verticillatus! Commonly known as swamp loosestrife, this shrubby perennial shifts from a sexual to clonal lifecycle as it approaches its northern range limit.

Alberta 2013

I helped Dr. Hargreaves collect plant trait data to understand the alpine range limits of Rhinanthus major on the slopes of Kananaskis in the Albertan Rocky Mountains.